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Envision Your Next Adventure; Turning That Daydream Into A Reality

Envision: imagine as a future possibility; visualize (Oxford Languages)

Life gets busy, bills pile up, kids drive us nuts, and the realities of adulthood are tough. Have you ever drifted off in a daydream of somewhere awesome in the middle of the chaos? It's easier than dealing with the realities of life for sure, but have you daydreamed about the same place over and over again but the years have pasted you by? You're not alone, this is the reality of millions of people around the world but change starts now. 

Envision your next adventure, make it a future possibility so you wake up living that daydream. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It is but for most of us excuses pile up and maybe some legit reasons too. So how do you envision your next adventure? Here's three steps to turn that daydream into a experience, memory, and fulfillment. 

Step 1. Set a date; this is critical because without a set date you'll never do it. 

Step 2. Save money; It's not about how much you make, it's about how much you save. The best way to describe this is "pay yourself first" after all why should we bust our asses week in, week out to pay everyone else first. 

Step 3. Don't let anyone hold you back; If a loved one or coworker tries to discourage you, don't let them! It's their own shit and has nothing to do with you! 

Stop daydreaming and start to envision your next adventure! To be real with you, life is not guaranteed and we can die tomorrow. Don't wait until you retire, or make more money, do whatever it takes to live your life! 

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