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About Us



At Dank Optics we know you are the kind of people who care about the environment but love sunglasses as well. In order to be that way, you need sunglasses made of sustainable material. The problem is the sunglasses industry is dominated by plastic and there is no effort to change that. We believe shifting the sunglasses industry from plastic is going to be tough but we also trust the process. We understand there is usually a higher cost to being more green and that a lot individuals simply can’t afford it. That’s why we found a way to be green, save you money, and give you unique stylish sunglasses. Our sunglasses are made with bamboo, a sustainable resource that doesn’t require fossil fuels to make. Some of our styles are a hybrid of polycarbonate and bamboo, this is to provide an even lower cost option while using less plastic. So shop for the right style for you, so you can stop wearing sunglasses that are hurting our planet and start wearing sunglasses that help it.